Why WordPress Websites Are Taking the Internet by Storm

Long before Google was invented, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) websites were the way in which web designers did website pages. And they still do today. But after Google came to exist the scenario changed. Because HTML sites are static, this article doesn’t change. So the only way a webmaster can offer new submissions is by writing a new page at a substantial cost to the site owner. To maintain#1, 2, or #3 organic ranking they have to write new content and continually tweak and stack key terms. But Google is aware of these tactics. In fact, last year Google made over 400 adjustments to their SEO Algorithms. That is why you may be about the first page one day and turn into one another. So exactly what is the answer? In one simple word WordPress. WordPress sites consider the world wide web world by storm.

Here’s what you should do:

* You have to become on page 1 of at least 1 major search results (Google, Yahoo, or Bing)

* You have to drive traffic for the site

Google knows where individuals are when they search, and so the local businesses for a keyword display first, if done properly.

Traffic is visitors for the site, and traffic equals sales. Good techniques drive people to you that never look at an internet search engine. So, the answer is google search ranking and after that sending traffic towards the site.

You have to take another approach than most google search marketing companies.

Do key phrase research and locate the very best 20 keywords for ranking traffic. You choose 5 which you like.

Register a domain name using one of the keywords in the website name.

Register 10 additional website names each with one specific keyphrase. Each site drives traffic back to the main site. These are called satellite or hub sites.

Create a 5 page WordPress blog with each page optimized for starters from the 5 keywords.

Create your Google Places entry on your main city. Your responsibility is to get the customers to provide you with favorable reviews along with a 5-star ranking. If you get 5 or six favorable reviews, you should rank in the most notable 5 for Google Places to your keywords.

I have other cities that you might want to position in, apart from your own home city, add those too in your keywords. Example:

Carpet cleaner St. Petersburg, Carpet Cleaner Tampa, etc.

Provide fresh content for the blog every single day so the engines like google will require your website.

Write articles for the keywords and submit this content to around 200 article directories and article sites per article. The articles are going out at 50 per day so that the search engines avoid getting suspicious. This will generate the all-important inbound links which get search engine ranking AND traffic.

Do weekly promotion per keyword to build 1, 2, and 3-way links by starting accounts at substantially more than 200 high Google Page Rank sites inside them for hours them a link to each other and to you. This will quickly boost your Google Page Rank and allow one to compete against even tougher keywords that have much larger competition. What you are actually creating each week is a large and sophisticated “link wheel”.

Post the RSS feeds manufactured by your blog with a large volume of RSS aggregators. This will cause your blog content to get posted on other blogs, with links returning to you.

Get full reporting:

Article posting notifications Full tracking around the weekly runs to make and post to high Google Page Rank sites, as well as the RSS   account postings, created Weekly rank checking reports showing where you stand around the major search engines like google for your keywords, the number of inbound links you currently have and what your existing Google Page Rank is.

Do not do anything with your existing Web site. Standard HTML Web sites are extremely poor for internet search engine optimization. Search engines are only concerned with providing great experiences for his or her customers, that’s why they love fresh content. Changing existing HTML Web pages and adding new HTML Web pages is laborious and expensive. And there’s a very difficult strategy to allow the engines like google are aware that you’ve got fresh content.

Tracking results is important. How will you understand the campaign is working? One suggestion is always to give a coupon that only exists around the blog. For example, should you own a nearby restaurant, you could give a free cup of soup using a meal using the coupon, or perhaps a free non-alcoholic beverage, of your free dessert. When people go to your restaurant, they rarely go alone. When you have a coupon presented, you’ve got a sale that you can never have had some other way, and you immediately understand it originated in your search results marketing effort.

As you might imagine, this can be a significant amount of labor. You’re in your business and would never undertake this type of project. This is why SEO companies exist. This is what they certainly routinely.