6 Easy Steps to Succeeding With a WordPress Affiliate Site

WordPress is a wonderful blogging platform and also you could be forgiven for believing that the one thing that you can do by it is a blog but this can be thus far from your truth. The power and suppleness of WordPress can be so much so you’ll be able to basically build any type of site you would like and make a lot of cash from that, but also for some reason few people discover it so simple.

Building a WordPress affiliate site, which can be making you $100,$200 as well as $500 a month, isn’t that hard as long as you utilize the same ‘rinse and repeat’ method of building. You have to find a set of simple steps to follow, ensure that they are right for you, and then apply these phones to each site that you just build. Now, WordPress affiliate sites, or otherwise decent WordPress affiliate sites, is not built on autopilot and left to develop, they are going to require some nurturing and refinement. But again if you utilize a logical and detail by detail approach to this plus there is pointless why it should be that difficult. It is very easy to make a site that generates a tiny bit of money and it’s just easy to scale it down to your larger monthly amount.

The steps I have followed to make a successful portfolio of sites are highlighted below:

Step 1: Niche Research and Market Research

This could be the starting block, of course, if you’ll be able to get past this you happen to be on your journey to success. Use the free tools around that may help you find your niche; you don’t always have to count on the expensive and often overpriced software tools in the marketplace. Some of the best places to check on are Amazon, Mysimon, eBay, Shopping DOT com as well as the Google marketplace. Essentially you are looking for a product or selection in promoting which have enough interest from the public to become marketable enough but not too much competition that the niche is oversaturated.

Step 2: Keyword Research & Development of Site Pages

The next thing you will have to do before you decide to move on building your website is some simple niche research to determine what pages you are going to construct your site around. Initially, you ought to create a keyword list based upon your primary niche high are some keyword tools you can use to do that, both free and paid. Once you have a directory of around 60 keywords you need to check for competition and look at volume a month; looking at volume in excess of 1000 monthly is a useful one. In addition, you’ll be able to use long-tailed keywords to build pages around, these are usually around 3-5 keywords long and possess less traffic but additionally have considerably less competition.

Step 3: Install WordPress, Additional Plugins for SEO, and Start your Site Build.

Installing WordPress is easy and will be performed using fantastico if you utilize CPanel hosting. Once you have installed WordPress there will be several plugins you will want to use including Askimet, All in One SEO, phpOStock, XML Sitemap Generator & All in One Adsense.

Step 4: Build Site Pages & Write Content

You must make your site pages around the report on keywords which you generated earlier on; you will then write relevant content per page ensuring it is properly SEO’ed. Into that content, you may insert related listings while using phpOStock Plugin for WordPress.

Step 5: Start Generating Traffic

There are lots of techniques it is possible to generate website traffic; the important thing is that you don’t try this too quickly. To generate traffic you must:

Write 5 articles related to your niche, that are specific to one’s internet pages using your main page keyword, submit this content to article publication sites at a rate of 5 per day for 2 weeks.   Build backlinks with directory submissions; again build 5 a day for approximately 4 weeks.   Find 15-20 related blogs and comment constructively with them for around 6 weeks.   Build A Squidoo lens as well as a hub pages page linking back for a site with your keywords.   Look for relevant forums and put one of the links for the site with your signature, join the forum discussion, and acquire yourself known.

Step 6: Continue to Build Backlinks

Continue to construct backlinks, write written content for your site, and obtain the term out, think outside the box.

Once you have done this you’ll be able to rinse and repeat and in a short time, you’ll have a site earning you $500 per month.